Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric Dental Services

Pediatric Dentistry for your child’s dental needs!

Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry dealing with children from birth through adolescence.

It is very important for every parent to take care of the dental requirements of their children right after their birth. Normally, a baby starts getting teeth at the age of 6-12 months. Parents need to ensure that their children are free of any dental decay and periodontal disease (gum disease).

Oral hygiene measures should start at birth when the gum pads of the infant should be gently wiped with a moist cloth or piece of gauze following each feed.

Contact AMERODENTAL for all Pediatric oral care requirements. Waiting until the child has a dental problem before visiting the Pediatric Dentist may result in the requirement for extensive dental treatment, even in young infants.