Removable Appliances (Dentures)

Partial Dentures

When a person has lost some but not all of their teeth, a partial denture may be the desired treatment choice. Partial dentures can provide a simple and attractive way to replace missing teeth. Partial dentures are created from an impression of your teeth and gum. Teeth are selected to match your remaining teeth and complement your individual appearance. The result is a seamless replacement that can blend in with your natural teeth. Retained by small clasps, the denture will secure itself in your mouth. Your partial denture will allow you to function with your remaining teeth and keep your remaining teeth in their natural position.

Standard Dentures

This type of denture is made for people who are already missing all their teeth. It generally takes 4 appointments to make a standard set of dentures. The first appointment would consist of impressions of the gums which are needed to determine the size and shaping of the teeth that will be placed on the new dentures. The second appointment consists of setting up tooth position. This is done using a loose fitting denture base and a rim of wax to approximate the position of the teeth. The third appointment is called the “wax try in”. This gives you opportunity to see how the denture looks and works before we are committed to the set-up. At this point, if something is wrong we can change it. The final appointment is to insert the denture and make any necessary adjustments to it.

Immediate Dentures

These are actually made BEFORE your natural teeth are extracted. The teeth are extracted and the prefabricated denture is inserted immediately. The denture acts like a band and reduces pain after extractions. With immediate dentures you will have to have initial impressions prior to the extraction date in order to make the temporary denture. After six months or so when your gums have had time to heal it will then be time to make the permanent dentures.